Why we’re calling the HOLDVEST token ‘HDL’

We’ve made every effort we can to ensure that our token will increase in value steadily and sustainably over time — rewarding crypto HODLers for their investment and faith in us.

The team behind HOLDVEST has been active in bitcoin and cryptocurrency circles for years. As early crypto adopters, we know from experience that ‘HODL’ is a popular meme for good reason. (For those who don’t know, it dates back to December 2013, when a guy on the bitcointalk forum who was too drunk to type straight tried to tell everyone he was fed up making bad trades and would just ‘hold’ from now on.)

Trade or HODL?

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are: trading is risky. All markets are inherently unpredictable, crypto is notoriously volatile, and manipulation is still rife. It’s a lot easier to lose money than it is to make it. By contrast, those who HODL — who buy and sit tight for months or, better still, years — have done extremely well out of their patience. Those stories about people who bought $100 or $1,000 of BTC a few years ago and are now worth millions? They’re all HODLers, not traders.

The name HOLDVEST is a reference to the need we saw for a really easy and effective way to invest in crypto and hold your tokens securely. We built our platform to help bring the wider crypto exchange infrastructure up to scratch and enable a new generation of investors to access the fragmented bitcoin and altcoin markets. We’re confident that crypto is here to stay, we know that long-term holders get the best returns, and we’re keen to reward those who have the faith in us to fund our project.

The HDL token will be used to pay for all trading fees and other services on the platform. Users can pay in other cryptocurrencies, but there is a premium for this and those fees will immediately be converted to HDL anyway.

Reasons to HODL the HDL token:

  • Fixed supply. As a non-reissuable token hosted on the Waves platform, we can never create any more HDL.
  • Because HDL is used for all fees on the platform, this fixed supply will come under increasing demand as our userbase grows.
  • We are burning 50% of all HDL received.

To summarise: the number of HDL in existence can only decrease over time, as demand grows. Not only that, but the more demand grows, the more HDL will be burned!

That’s why we think HODLing HDL will be a very smart move. Our ICO is capped at $5 million, so there will be a limited amount of tokens on offer. We’re looking forward to what the future holds for those who hang onto them!