Demolishing lives in the West Bank and Israel

The government of Israel is only doing what every other country has done, including the US, when they need to suppress a people to further their own agenda. That is block education (we did so to the slaves, by illegalizing reading/writing), restrict access to food and water and shelter. A people can’t thrive under those conditions giving way to extremist methods and terrorist organizations. The sad irony is Jews have had this happen to them in the past. I don’t believe all Jews would condone this, just Zionists with fear of the past recurring.

If you provide education, a thriving environment for Palestinians. It legitimizes their utility in society and they can be called something other than “terrorists” and therefore productive members of society. But this threatens Zionists Jew’s belief and “right” to a Jew only Land. Similar to those Jewish women in those hospitals that 98% request their babies be born in a Jew only room, and touched by Jew only doctors.

This mentality is what drives the Israeli government to treat the Palestinians they way they currently do. If they can keep Palestinians in a corner and draw out more desperate and cornered lashes out in defiance, it can sustain their rhetoric to the world that Palestinians are just violent people who shouldn’t be allowed to live there, or worse, be eliminated. I can’t hate the Zionists for why they want their own land, but I don’t approve of the way their government carries out their agenda.

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