My Dot Project 2017


My experience as a person who didn't recycle at all to a person who recycles often now is very easy as the days go by. The only hard parts is figuring out what to recycle and what can be and what your recycling. For the past few weeks I noticed that around our building there where a lot of Gatorade and water bottles around my apartment building. Even though the building gets mad if we litter but the thing if we had a recycling bin in every floor we wouldn't have any Gatorade bottles behind doors, outside even inside the apartments.

In my Family we have gotten used to recycling ever since the project started. The have been helping me out and we have been taking less trash out and more recycling. its kind of confusing thinking about what goes where but as we go deeper into the project we have gotten used to it.

I also did some research and it shows that 75% of the population recycles and as the younger generations pass the less people recycle. but still over 150 million tons of trash are still dumped annually and it keeps on growing.

Trash when you bury it underground its decomposes and lets out methane and greenhouse gasses into the air. methane is 26 times more powerful that CO2 and can trap heat easily.

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