Around the words in 366 days: writing every day of 2016

Links to all my pieces on medium

My goal for 2016 was to write something, even if a very small something, every single day of the year.

You can find my bio here.

Here are links to my pieces, which I will update regularly:

Day 366: The end of the beginning: a short story

Day 365b: A seat at the table

Day 365a: Medium: a haiku

Day 364: On average I’ve read only one-two books per year for close to a decade

Day 363: Wealth: a haiku

Day 362b: Jaded: a haiku

Day 362a: If I were my friend, and what I would say to her

Day 361: You have been loved: a haiku

Day 360: Christ child

Day 359: Presently

Day 358: Holiday yayyy: a haiku

Day 357: Why accessible and easily understandable science communication is so important

Day 356: Rudolph: a haiku

Day 355b: Malice in Asunderland: a haiku

Day 355a: The quest for normalcy: a haiku

Day 354: Mean girls: a haiku

Day 353: Arrival

Day 352: Oliver Twist

Day 351b: The Approved vs The Fallen

Day 351a: Warrior Woman: a haiku

Day 350: 37 things I’ve realised in one of the worst years of my life

Day 349: Let me tell you how to find yourself

Day 348: lost

Day 347: Reflections

Day 346: Maintaining friendships: a haiku

Day 345: Prophecy: a haiku

Day 344: Lamentations

Day 343b: I told you so

Day 343a: Frailty

Day 342: Light at the end of the tunnel

Day 341: Online PDA for breakfast, lunch, dinner. And midnight snack: a haiku

Day 340: Dear Company X, diversify your staff!

Day 339: Do you believe you deserve happiness?

Day 338: When sorry is too late

Day 337: Rum

Day 336: Snow queen

Day 335: Gloating: a haiku

Day 334: Double standards

Day 333: Let me tell you how to hope against hope

Day 332: In continued celebration of some of the children of the rich : a haiku

Day 331: Christmas spirit

Day 330: Escapism: a haiku

Day 329: Let me tell you how to fall in love

Day 328: Beverage: a haiku in three parts

Day 327b: Some people murmur: ‘well how come suddenly EVERYONE is dealing with mental illness?!’

Day 327a: Let me tell you how to catch fire

Day 326: There is nothing worse than competing with someone who isn’t competing with you

Day 325: Tofu: a haiku

Day 324: Let’s make music together: a haiku

Day 323: I forgot our anniversary

Day 322: Technology: a haiku

Day 321: SuperMoon

Day 320: My sisters and I made a short film for mental health awareness

Day 319: Entitlement: Bake at 175°C for 10 min until golden brown

Day 318: Xerox 2.0

Day 317: Envy is a spectrum

Day 316: sapiens

Day 315: A love letter to my daughter

Day 314: In case of emergency, break glass: a haiku in four parts

Day 313: Little star

Day 312: Single and searching: a haiku

Day 311: The waiting room

Day 310: Saturday: a haiku

Day 309: Blood on our hands

Day 308: On knowledge transfer

Day 307: I did not know

Day 306: Party in the sky

Day 305: October 31: a haiku

Day 304: Eye service

Day 303: Web: haiku

Day 302: A sad story in three words

Day 301: The measure of strength

Day 300: 300: a haiku celebrating 300 days of writing

Day 299: Quicksand

Day 298: Jos tomato: a haiku

Day 297: Candy crush: a haiku

Day 296: Nigeria and chill

Day 295: BIGLY

Day 295: The one you need: a haiku

Day 294: Oh ye of little faith

Day 293: Ashamed: a one-line poem ™

Day 292: Synonyms

Day 291: The other room: a haiku

Day 290: Fall: a haiku

Day 289: Linear regression

Day 288: Anxiety does not discriminate

Day 287: Harvest: a haiku in four parts

Day 286: Chip

Day 285: Some questions for you on #WorldMentalHealthDay

Day 284: The hide-and-seek period

Day 283: The promised land

Day 282: Green: a haiku

Day 281: I saw something that pierced my soul so I had to write about it.

Day 280: The three words that make a man brave

Day 279: Adrenaline: a haiku

Day 278: Hope

Day 277: Dear inner child: a haiku

Day 276: Great Again

Day 275: Jealousy

Day 274: True love: a haiku

Day 273: I know what you did last summer…and every day after that actually: a haiku

Day 272: Silence and the Sufferer

Day 271b: Spark: a haiku

Day 271a: butt naked

Day 270: Blank space: a haiku

Day 269: Unfettered

Day 268: Do we love ourselves?

Day 267: Writer’s bloke: a haiku

Day 266: Chasing dreams

Day 265b: Home

Day 265a: Big sister and best friend are doing something I’m so proud of!

Day 264: Excommunication

Day 263: Who will give me away?

Day 262: Carpenter

Day 261: Things that will stay with me

Day 260: on FOCUS: a haiku

Day 259: Goldfish

Day 258: Serena

Day 257: The princess and the petty

Day 256: ad infinitum

Day 255: Startled Trek

Day 254: lol : a haiku

Day 253: Heavy headed

Day 252: I want a divorce

Day 251: Memories

Day 250: Desert

Day 249: Multitasking toh badt!

Day 248: The morning after the night before

Day 247: Kasuku Petite

Day 246: Thursdays are better than Fridays

Day 245: Cup of de Lights

Day 244: Funny Gene: a haiku

Day 243: Imagine for a moment…

Day 242: In appreciation of the food the ancestors fed their skin: a haiku

Day 241: The she- and heroes of everyday life: a haiku

Day 240b: Daddy’s girl

Day 240a: Earth

Day 239: Hacking life: a haiku

Day 238: Ah! Tact

Day 237: Leopard

Day 236: The flying squirrel

Day 235: Fairy dust: a haiku

Day 234: Head space

Day 233b: War paint

Day 233a: UnLochteD

Day 232: Drowning in numbers

Day 231: Bold

Day 230: Learning curve

Day 229b: Liars and trolls with no cares…oh my!

Day 228a: Waka pass (pronounced /wækæ pæs/)

Day 227: Faith is not easy, but it never was.

Day 226: Your lane: a haiku

Day 225: Soul mates

Day 224: Amina

Day 223: Writing is my passion, mental health advocacy is my ministry

Day 222: A grateful intruder

Day 221: The creative process: a haiku

Day 220: Second chances

Day 219: The shortest distance between two points

Day 218: Crackt

Day 217: 24 hours later: a haiku

Day 216: London, I love you: a haiku

Day 215: Balance

Day 214: My friends are teaching me to be a better person.

Day 213: It is my thirtieth birthday and I cried this morning.

Day 212: Performance anxiety

Day 211: That moment in time

Day 210: Being a loud black girl.

Day 209: Plastic ambitions: a haiku

Day 208: Semantics

Day 207: #blackgirlmagic part deux: a haiku

Day 206: Vampire

Day 205: How to save the world

Day 204: Education as a privilege: a haiku

Day 203b: People pleaser: a haiku

Day 203a: Pokémon GO! Play safe folks

Day 202: Taking down my bullies one bitch at a time

Day 201: What do you do when you’re supposed to be on a diet but your sloshing gastric juices want to make love to ketchup-saturated wedges of the crispy skin variety? : a haiku

Day 200: Pinocchio

Day 199: Stories that touch

Day 198b: Analogy

Day 198a: A few things I’ve noted in my three decades of life

Day 197: Chub rub: a haiku

Day 196: What being a PhD student DOESN’T mean: a short story in gifs

Day 195: A painful realization

Day 194: Love is a home

Day 193: War

Day 192: The ministry of hugs

Day 191: Confronting my ego and entitlement

Day 190b: Thank you for the silence: it is duly noted

Day 190a: Friday afternoon: a short story

Day 189: There is enough space for all of us

Day 188: This is the time to hold each other’s hands in the dark

Day 187: Faith

Day 186: Childish

Day 185: Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path

Day 184: The celebration of unremarkable things

Day 183b: What will become of us

Day 183a: Alexainie you are a star

Day 182: W(h)ine

Day 181: Travelling companions

Day 180: Caution: life happens

Day 179: We are here

Day 178: Unbound

Day 177: I’m just an outsider so what do I know OR ‘Independence’: a haiku

Day 176: Broke and broken

Day 175: Judas

Day 174: Drafts

Day 173: Maxwell, I want to write a song for you…

Day 172: The end of an era

Day 171: Warrior

Day 170: Prayers that avail much

Day 169: Deadlines: a haiku

Day 168: Remember to self-soothe

Day 167: When words fail

Day 166: Super afro: a haiku

Day 165: Skin

Day 164: Obsession

Day 163: mwah: a haiku

Day 162: Rant

Day 161: Entrancement

Day 160: Just so I can say I actually wrote today: a haiku

Day 159: Mad(ame) hatter

Day 158: Just for now

Day 157: Myopium: a very short story

Day 156: How to float like a butterfly

Day 155: I’m entitled to my lonesome

Day 154: It’s not easy being a beaver

Day 153: The blame game

Day 152: Pollyanna

Day 151: Lab rat: a haiku

Day 150: Ink

Day 149: Dear future someone, please don’t make me your everything

Day 148: Cheek to cheek: A love story of sisterhood in photographs

Day 147: Happy 70th birthday to an angel in heaven

Day 146: Hypocrisy: a haiku

Day 145: Arya’s list: a prayer

Day 144: Sorry not sorry

Day 143: Pucker up

Day 142: You matter

Day 141: Why so serious?

Day 140c: H. Nemesis Nyx, you have been on my mind

Day 140b: #MacRubyWoo: a haiku

Day 140a: Because we all need a little encouragement

Day 139: Afraid of the dark

Day 138: The lady at number 6

Day 137: I will make a novel out of you

Day 136: The mind of the unyielding

Day 135: Imogen

Day 134: Luck be a lady

Day 133: Body parts

Day 132: Why you shouldn’t stop writing

Day 131: Mistaken identity

Day 130: Free me abeg (OR: 15 unhelpful things people have said to me or people I know)

Day 129: Wilted

Day 128: A matter of timing

Day 127: What is a sister?

Day 126: One life to live

Day 125: Friends that look good on your CV

Day 124: Hystericus

Day 123: Gossip done wrong

Day 122: The fire, the fibre and the crucible

Day 121: A matter of mutual respect

Day 120b: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing…

Day 120a: In need of a spa day

Day 119: Till day break (TDB)

Day 118: Someone somewhere please sell me a bottle of zen…

Day 117: #blackgirlmagic

Day 116: A love letter to mum on her first birthday without the love of her life…

Day 115: A debate between the angel and demon on a star traveller’s shoulder…

Day 114: In Equality: a short story

Day 113: Purple Reign

Day 112: A sunny day

Day 111: Introspective

Day 110: My body is mine, and yours is yours

Day 109: The tone police are coming!

Day 108: Chewing gum boy

Day 107: For the late bloomers

Day 106: Battaglia

Day 105: What I wish I could say to you now

Day 104: Superstition

Day 103: Ripe

Day 102: The scene of the crime

Day 101: Musings of a wannabe writer/philosopher doing a PhD in Immunology

Day 100: In search of solder to mend my broken heart

Day 99: Macho man

Day 98: Metamorphosis

Day 97: GAD

Day 96: The case for crying

Day 95: Conservatory

Day 94b: On giving undue credit to the most undeserving

Day 94a: I hope I learn to dance

Day 93: Dogma: a love story

Day 92: When the dust settles

Day 91: Notice: I am not your token black friend

Day 90: Boxes

Day 89: You are no good for me

Day 88: I am not a goddess

Day 87: Tick tock: the pressure of marriage for the African single woman

Day 86: Mind the (thigh) gap

Day 85: Africa is NOT a country!

Day 84: A message from Mother Time

Day 83: What I know for sure

Day 82: Alone

Day 81: Heaven

Day 80: What my father taught me without even trying

Day 79: Resting place

Day 78: When a Knight goes home

Day 77: Gratitude

Day 76: Ostrich

Day 75: Likita

Day 74: Hematopoiesis

Day 73: Hope lives

Day 72: Green is the colour of my mourning

Day 71: A never ending story

Day 70: Black and white

Day 69: Daddy

Day 68: I am more than just my body

Day 67: A day in the park

Day 66: #SheIsBae

Day 65: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Day 64: Doxology

Day 63: PSA: A Clarification

Day 62: KA-$CHINGG

Day 61: Same difference

Day 60: #OscarSOwhite

Day 59: Teardrop

Day 58: Virtuoso

Day 57: Restless

Day 56: Petri dish

Day 55: Case of the ex

Day 54: Enantiomer

Day 53: The Foreigner

Day 52: Dreamer

Day 51: Flesh

Day 50: Marina

Day 49: Motives

Day 48: Bushy

Day 47: Science Friction

Day 46: WANTED: One time machine

Day 45: Be my valentine

Day 44: Empathy

Day 43: Talents

Day 42: To the black child with the big hair who lives inside my heart

Day 41: Double entendre

Day 40: She

Day 39: Let’s just enjoy the art

Day 38: Beyonce-inspired conjugation for the everyday person

Day 37: Count to ten

Day 36: 12am

Day 35: Never forget where you came from

Day 34: Resolute

Day 33: Haters gon’ hate

Day 32: Pilchards

Day 31: Brother

Day 30: Care package for your 30's

Day 29: Narcissus

Day 28: To the grey strand of hair on my head

Day 27: Lies by lantern

Day 26: /fuːrɑːhɑː/

Day 25: Life in technicolour

Day 24: You can sit with us

Day 23: For the lovers in the London sky garden

Day 22: Science by press release

Day 21: Xerox

Day 20: Teenage crush

Day 19: Heal thyself

Day 18: Heimlich

Day 17: Blind

Day 16: C.E.O.

Day 15: The Artist

Day 14: Art and Science

Day 13: Ijeoma

Day 12: Soap

Day 11: The sounds of silence

Day 10: Destiny

Day 9: Bad business

Day 8: Phantoms

Day 7: The famous brown man

Day 6: Labotage

Day 5: Insecurity

Day 4: The fetishization of the black female body

Day 3: Blessings upon blessings

Day 2: Happiness

Day 1: Dear writer

Day 0: A poem in a life