Day 10: Destiny

*For all my beautiful left-handed friends, and for all the children who were forced to become right-handed*

There was a story of a little boy

Who was born to write with his left hand

Boy’s teachers all told him using your left hand to write was wrong

They made him practice his writing with his right hand on the black board in front of all the children in his class

Boy’s right hand laughed at his left hand

‘Everybody loves me more than you’, it said

Boy’s left hand was sad, and over years it forgot how to write

But because it had been born with a seed of hope, it started germinating into a garden

Boy’s right hand became jealous, and started learning calligraphy and every other beautiful skill that a hand could perform

Boy’s left hand flourished and produced the most beautiful flowers and trees with every fruit you have ever imagined in your life

Boy’s right hand cried, ‘why can’t I do what Boy’s left hand is doing?’

And so because Boy’s right hand was so consumed with comparing to Boy’s left hand, it spent it’s entire destiny watching Boy’s left hand live it’s own.

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