Day 30: Care package for your 30's

Dear darling,

I’ve heard that there are a couple of things one has to be reminded about before they enter their 30's

Here are the things you will need to always remember

Remember that friendship is a two-way road, and it keeps you young and stimulates your mind

Remember that jokes and laughter are a very necessary medicine to be taken daily

Remember that you may need alcohol on occasion, to keep you sane but also to take you to the most beautiful parts of your insanity (in moderation darling! Everything in moderation ;))

Remember that chocolate is good and healthy for you, let it remind you to always remain sweet

Remember that you’re a classic man! Free and allowed to dress in as many colours as you wish,

Just like beautiful underwear,remembering that you are wearing colourful socks can bring a smile to your face - as if you are partaking in a hidden joke, even if no one else sees them

Remember that sometimes you may not know where your destination is, life may batter and bruise you, but you need to put one foot in front of the other my darling

Remember that you don’t always need everyone to believe in your dreams, but you do need to believe in them yourself

Remember that your future will always be better than your past

It will be brighter, it will be more joyous

Remind yourself of this every day

Remember that I love you

Remember that God will always love you most.