Day 33: Haters gon’ hate

*In response to this actual comment (see image) shared about the ‘Stylish Academic’ blog, for which I write*

Dear fellow academic,

We, the Stylish Academic admin, have singled out your eloquent response to our blog as warranting a reply from us

You seem upset

As a quantitative scientist myself, I am having trouble hazarding a guess at what volume ‘a bit too much’ is

But that’s just me

As you can probably tell from our name, we don’t believe that fashion can ever be ‘a bit too much’ in academia


Not even 338.25 litres of it

We like to write our blog posts in a style that is conversational

This is actually something that is currently a hot topic in academia- how academics can communicate their work in an appropriate style to the general public

We think our style of writing is absolutely perfect!

‘Those fashion girls’ have heads full of business and creativity

Overlapping talents

We believe that it is possible to wear many hats at once (the style pun is intended)without compromising quality

Some of us live within the intersection of being ‘academic’ and ‘fashion girl’, and we are doing it in style

The Biological sciences academic is not higher or lower or better or worse than the average academic

Neither is the Astronomer

In fact, we academics would do well to do away with that imagined scale on which we rank one another’s worthiness of being in academia

Only academic output should be peer-reviewed, not peoples choices of what to study

The world is a big big place (just ask the average astronomer ;) )

Other people in other countries have pocket money too

Some students are rich! They can actually afford to buy Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld, and we at Stylish Academic do not begrudge them for it

Other students, like myself, have managed to find a dress on the sales rack at Primark for £1, and style the hell out of it

‘Style’ and ‘rich’ are not synonyms

This is why in some of our features, if you actually take the time to look, you may notice student affordable brands being mentioned

Our blog may not be peer-reviewed, but it is serious!

However, we can offer you these suggestions:

  1. Google is your best friend. There are LOADS (damn, here I go again being non-absolute!) of blogs catering to every point on the spectrum from loving to hating the PhD process, and all the practicalities thereof
  2. If you are really feeling up to it, you can have a look through the JCR for high impact factor journals in your field and have a read through some of the seriously serious articles. And if that still isn’t serious enough for you, you can
  3. Start up a blog of your own. Since you have identified this gap in the blogosphere, why not strategically position yourself to fill it? Like, seriously

We also believe that it is everyone’s prerogative to dress how they want, as long as they are respectful to the decorum of their workplace

Therefore you do you, and we’ll do us!

Till you find that perfect blog that you’re searching for, keep an eye out for these coming posts and articles on our website:

  1. Protocols on how to get dressed in the morning
  2. My supervisor made me cry: How to turn a panda eye into a smokey eye
  3. Twelve new ways to style your lab. coat
  4. Asani et al. 2016. Sipping on false modesty makes academics think their snobbery will go undetected: what the data shows. Journal of take a chill pill. IF:10.2
  5. Academics, exhale and unclench! How to release the north pole from your posterior.