Wearing my Kim K-inspired ‘boxer braids’, circa 1989

Day 63: PSA: A Clarification

Discovery: When you are the first one to encounter something in it’s natural state. Without your presence it would still have its own intrinsic characteristics that would remain unchanged (with respect to its unique point in time), even if you change. For example, man discovered fire.

Invention: When you use your own intellect and available resources to create something tangible, for the first time in recorded history. For example, Dr. Patricia Bath invented the Laserphaco probe.

Columbusing: When you;

  1. Claim to have discovered what had already been discovered (and accept being celebrated as the discoverer)
  2. Try to pass off a discovery as an invention
  3. Force your unwelcome self upon a land/colony/trend/hairstyle that doesn’t want you.

Knowledge: Gain it and use it to distinguish between the categories.

Don’t be one of those, respect yourself. Ehenn.

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