Day 8: Phantoms

Picture this:

For your whole life you were chased by a tiger;

It started when you were a child

It was a beautiful striped cub at first so you let it in

You knew you shouldn’t entertain it but you fed it

You got used to it

Over time it grew into a fearsome creature

Sometimes it felt like you were locked alone in a room with it

It would roar and snarl, but never actually maul you

It would chase you into a dark corner of that room, where you would crouch down facing the wall, hiding your face in your hands

You would cry and cry, and sometimes maybe even pray to die

The tiger wouldn’t let you go

Then morning would break and you’d wake up in a sweat

Walking to your window, you would recognise the tiger from your nightmares as the same one painted on the wall directly opposite your house

A painted tiger, and nothing more

And that is what most of our fears are

They taunt, terrify and terrorise, unable to do much else really