Photo by Margarita Kangkum.

The devil came to steal, kill and destroy, so the Bible says

Maybe some of the children of men taught the devil its ways

The earth has cried time and time again over all of their sins

but through the ages she remains mistreated by her children

They found their comfort in concrete trees

and delighted in the worship of green paper leaves

then accumulated such debt, that their debts had debts

and in their misery perceived everyone else as a threat

then the wars and rumours of wars dragged many of them through the mud

and the earth became over-saturated so she cried out tears of blood

Oh! the children of men did this to themselves and refuse to learn

they created a hell on earth, and are all watching the planet burn

Children of men, it is not too late because hope always lives
we may yet be able to turn things around, and God and the earth forgive

They forgive.

They forgive.

Hope lives.

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