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Hello jaden violet. I’ve been wondering if I should respond to this, and I feel I must.

I literally came across your exchange few hours ago. I am of the opinion that writing enlightening articles about the injustices different groups face is a good thing, as long as they are written respectfully. I think the point the other participant was trying to make was that if someone of another demographic solely focuses on black issues, it may come across as them trying to ‘gain’ off of this. Does it happen? Yes. Do I think this is the case with regards to your writing? No. Should allies speak up? MOST DEFINITELY.

Personally I’d rather have allies who make mistakes but are consistently willing to learn how to be better. Allies are perfectly situated to make change in their own demographic.

Second, I read a couple of your responses yesterday close to midnight after a very hectic day, so opted to respond this morning with a fresh mind.

I don’t want to assume that when you mention no black people coming to your defence, you refer to those of us on medium. Correct me if I am wrong.

Yesterday in particular was an unpleasant day for many of us as is evidenced in the writings produced by myself and some of my fav black writers on medium. With the news of an innocent man murdered by a white women in the US, along with so many other things, my medium feed was left unattended to. Only notifications were looked at.

To expect black people who were in the throes of mourning another live black murder to come onto medium at the same time and engage in your exchange, in my opinion is quite unfair.

It is sad that this situation has caused you to lose your admiration for them.


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