There’s a thread going nuclear.
Sean Howard

Hello Sean.

While I read this yesterday, I was honestly not in the frame of mind to type anything that would have been remotely useful.

I thought I should sleep on it, then wake up refreshed to type my views out. I’ve now seen that Clay Rivers has typed most of what I wanted to say.

Also for context, I did not know which exchange was initially referred to as I’d stayed away from my feed for many hours, but believe I now know which it is.

I will re-emphasize and combine one point from Ezinne, and one of Clay’s:

I write about my personal experiences as a black woman but am aware that many white people will not be able to identify with what I am saying (regarding race.) So when allies make it their mission to listen and learn, then communicate this to fellow people within their demographic, they are actually perfectly situated to achieve more change within that demographic than I am. This is one of the reasons you will often hear people saying ‘racism is a problem white people can dismantle.’

Again as Clay said, if all it took was black people speaking up and out, racism should have been ended long ago.

Lastly, of course we are ALL always asking questions about how appropriate it is to speak up with regards to timing. This is not something there is a rule book for. One of my favourite authors told me that I have to be willing to get it wrong sometimes. If my intentions are true then I will listen, learn, and do better the next time.

Hope this helps in some way.

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