Swat Kasham Photography

My house

My beautiful, strong ye fragile house

My birthright, my carnal exoskeleton, my safe place, my pride
Arranged in line with other houses, standing erect side by side
So many times they have burnt it down
But each time I have rebuilt on more solid ground

Many have taken issue with it on so many occasions

Then they demanded why I would dare have it stand so tall without their permission

Sometimes they would gawk and snarl

and then the day came when some ripped off wooden floor boards and panels and made off with the junk in my trunk…

the day after, these other houses wore what had been taken from mine

then celebrated themselves

Wow! how beautiful we all look
Original! Fresh! Never before been seen in all the history books

Had no one else noticed that these were all my things?

Had no one cared how much pain the mistreatment and wickedness directed towards me brings?

I tried singing, dancing then even marching my pain away

Some houses cried how my noise was hurting their doors and windows

So I tried remaining silently seated when some other houses were engaged in discussions

then they said I was disrespectful and treasonous

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

It’s so easy in this house of mine to feel so alone

Oh! my house!

My castle, my kingdom, my sanctuary, my own

all I want is to be truly free to live in peace in this home.

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