Imagine for a moment…

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It flourished naturally on your head for all of your thirteen years

Growing longer


the object of your hatred because…

well, not really your hatred

but everyone else’s.

Mummy has given in to your demands

and allows you to apply heat and chemicals to it, just like she does

because you both want to be just like all the women on the telly

you want your hair to look like theirs

After all, everyone says their hair is more beautiful

That’s what the world has accepted for hundreds of years

That’s what the school, and mummy’s work place accept

Theirs is good hair

So your must be bad right?

You gaze at your straight blonde hair in the mirror

as mummy applies different mouses and gels and creams

then rolls its straightness up in foam rods

By the time you wake up it will be big

Just like all the women on telly

Just like what your school, and mummy’s work place want.

Imagine that, just for a moment.


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