Gabriella Tavera by Lux Photography

It’s that time of year again

when we all dress up and sit round the table together

In-laws, ex-laws and out-laws

Everyone, expected to make conversation

Everyone, prying into one another’s lives, all out to get the latest scoop

or to see how far they’ve outdone the others

Everyone, so desperate to rank furthest away from being the pariah


We love each other still

by the end of the celebrations half of them would have drunk their sorrows away

and will twirl on grandpa’s marble dance floor till the break of day

the advantage of being ‘baby girl’ is that I can watch, then slip away


I love them but they can drive me mad

So quickly while no one notices I grab my umbrella

and rush into the garden to dance for a little while by myself under the summer showers

listening to their music and watching through the big windows,

watching from a distance…

I will go back in and remind them all how much I love them

but just for now I’m loving my own company.

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