Graduating cum laude with a BSc Hons in Biochemistry (2011). Note my bemused expression. The sentiment has followed me throughout my research career

Musings of a wannabe writer/philosopher doing a PhD in Immunology

I’d like to think that in a parallel universe I’m doing a PhD in Philosophy and Creative Writing. That is where I feel I belong with regards to academia.

So the secret is out.

Not that I don’t like the natural Sciences (I’m currently doing my PhD in Infection and Immunity). In fact, I am really grateful for the ingrained scientific method of thinking and questioning I’ve gained over the years.

My hope is that in future, regarding education and career prospects in Nigeria (and other African countries in which this is relevant ), we see beyond the typical desired careers post studies: Medical Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Architect, Banker/accountant, Business man/woman, and politician.

Nothing wrong with these wonderful professions at all, but many people are left out.

They squeeze their square dreams into our society’s circular holes.

I don’t doodle, I poem. Written during a training seminar on October 22, 2015.

Often, perhaps not even realising why they are perpetually discontent; if no option was available for anything else, they may not even be able to put a finger on what their constant yearning is for, so they will suppress and drown it in whatever is available.

I also wholly appreciate that over the generations some particular career lines were more needed than others, and we’ve continued treading in those entrenched paths.

It may be time soon to widen our scope.

There is some kind of divine momentum that possesses a person when their passion collides with opportunity AND external support.

Imagine how many ideas will be unlocked when not only do we give people the chance to follow their dreams, BUT also link up people from different fields to solve the difficult problems which only one team can’t solve. ‘Transdisciplinary ‘ and ‘interdisciplinary ‘ are buzzwords for a reason.

Many people are not just ‘useless ‘ and ‘lazy’; they are merely apathetic and disillusioned.

I sincerely hope that in my lifetime I am blessed to see more branching out into these ‘other’ fields that are just as important, within our society.

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