My father. He who had no male heirs. What will become of his name?

My father lived a very full life, and now his spirit belongs to God and his body to the ground

but he left behind no living male heir to reclaim his crown.

and so I asked and searched and asked in vain
when we, his women all leave, what will become of his name?

and then I agonized and I cried

and even the little hummingbird of hope within my head sighed.

but then plans began to form in my bone marrow and started circulating

about possibilities of keeping this name, or after a ring, hyphenating

but when my weary mind settled down at the Holy Spirit’s prompting

I felt the Master of the Universe gently whispering something:

He said daddy’s name can never die
He said I needed to open wider the ears of my eyes

And I heard daddy’s name spoken when I saw him in the grandchildren

And I heard it when people came out to speak of all the help he had given

and I heard it screamed

when I saw him in my dreams

and it got louder and louder when I see what my hands are striving to do

And I hear daddy’s name with every memory between all of us, and just us two

And daddy’s name can never die out can it, because it doesn’t need to be spoken to be heard

because I will continue to speak his name loudly through my written words

And even when this whole family of ours is all gone and our names are only words scribbled in books or a headstone scrawl

You and I both know, Father mine, it doesn’t really matter because our legacy of love has already made immortals of us all.