Someone somewhere please sell me a bottle of zen…

I want to write something happy again

Of late grief and heaviness have been my closest friends

I fear this downward spiral may never come to an end

if I don’t pick up my magical joy-giving pen

and write out my happiness again.

I want to write words that comfort and soothe

Of late I’ve had such melancholic moods

I can sit for hours in self pity to cry and brood

and I may continue to feel spit-out and chewed

if I don’t write words that comfort and soothe.

I want to tell stories that teach people how to be free

Of late I’ve not been able to see past my own grief

but if I can find my faith again, I’m ready to leap

to say a prayer because my heart’s one and only plea

is to tell stories that remind me how to be free.

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