I’m sorry that I didn’t see this sooner.
Sean Howard

Thanks so much Sean. I really appreciate you taking the time to share and give me some encouragement.

I found myself highlighting so much of what you said!

With regards to my being overwhelmed- I have come clean with my supervisor and told him how I’ve been feeling, so we’ve come up with a more achievable plan that I am currently feeling ok with. I’m also really trying hard to declutter all the unnecessary stress triggers.

While I think I can still write daily, I’m taking a break off some other things for a while and want to re-focus on the most important things/priorities.

It’s been such a blessing to find such wise voices on medium who I can already feel are influencing my thought and creative processes, and thus my writing for the better. Also, I am getting ‘free’ and useful advice an strategies for my every day life.

This medium community I have joined in is squeezing the best juices out of me. Thanks so much Sean, and I also wish you peace and hope in your own continued journey.

Furaha :)