The lady at number 6

Nina Anigbogu by Katrina Wagner Grekof

Some throw their well-intentioned pity around like glitter

thinking it will brighten her disposition

Others can’t resist the urge to mutter behind her back:

Single, smoking hot but strange

She speaks about things they don’t understand

She dabbles in a little bit of everything but still remains mysterious

She dares to bare her mind only in drops…and only on her own terms

She mingles with those people they don’t like

They are so distracted by who she might be that they don’t realise who she is

and she is perfectly fine with that

let the fools entertain themselves with the circus they’ve created

She muses

She knows her true power lies in her secrecy

this secrecy that cloaks the masterpiece she’s working on within her chambers

let them keep thinking she has nothing going for her

she sneers

Time will do the talking

and they will all be shocked beyond belief.

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