The Tone Police are coming!

Captain Shower Cap will NEVER be silenced!

Them, with their policies of shutting up everything they don’t understand

In silence and anxiety I retreated to the back

They screamed that I wasn’t doing enough

I spoke up and showed strength in the face of my mourning

They advised that I put away my false bravado

I called out the racism and xenophobia I saw

They assured me it was all just in my head

I brought up the sexism in science, still echoed today

They said I’m ungrateful for everything I and other female scientists have achieved

I presented myself as an up-and-coming Nigerian, an African woman attempting to give others hope

They couldn’t compute how I didn’t fit into the ‘poor, sick and starving’ narrative they expected (and wanted!)

I spoke, very respectfully about MY faith, in my own little corner of the internet

They got offended

I reminded them about the painful history of how exactly my people came to embrace this faith

They got offended

I sang about equality for everyone

They said I wasn’t being specific enough

I declared that black lives matter

They said I wasn’t being broad enough

Unrelenting, Unsatisfied, Unapproachable, Unkind, Unreasonable and Unaccommodating are the tone police

Too bad for them that I will NEVER shut up.

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