I am not positive as to whether I have responded to any of your posts or not, though I thought that…
Rev. Fred Denial

Yes you were Fred. Intellect is never something I have to prove to anyone.

I’m not ignoring anything. Did you read my piece? Did you read me mention my questions? Did you read me saying I’m spilling my guts verbally because of my struggles with faith, rather than looking for religious debate?

Or were you so quick to want to make a point (violence in religion is undeniable btw) that you needed to swoop right in, nonsense my intellect, nonsense my struggles, and elevate your own farming choices?

It’s so weird. As a black Nigerian Christian who is a scientist, I always find myself struggling to speak up about my own stories. These four traits/choices of mine are constantly questioned, silenced and jabbed at. Mercilessly. And I am tired of it.

Religion has a violent , homophobic and misogynistic history. It is and will probably always be problematic.

That was not the topic of discussion.

I sat down worried sick about hitting publish on this story that tells about my inner struggle with faith through my grieving process. Your need to disregard my story and argue religion trumped everything.

Had you approached me with a modicum of empathy towards my narrative, we could have had a good discussion where I could have expanded on religious problems that I have seen with my own two eyes, as a Christian. Maybe I could have sincerely learned something from you. Maybe you could have communicated more hope to my broken spirit. Maybe we could have just sat in silence and cried together.

But you needed to, like so many others who claim to want equality, discount my entire story to prove a point.

I will no longer allow this.