Science VS Conspiracy Theory

Well, the name is kinda self-explanatory. Science VS Conspiracy Theory. In a world of high-speed internet, there is always a part where people keep questioning the science behind something and drag it down to a level where science doesn’t matter anymore, it's just blatant accusation. We have a nag for asking question, but when it comes a level which might threaten the growth of mankind to potentially endangering human life, the point of asking those question seems misdirected. And most of the time, all of these conspiracy theory is pointed to science. We may not understand the flow of science, but asking question without considering all the facts, its not only working against the clock of science, its also delaying the growth of everything.

What is a Conspiracy Theory, You might ask. Lets take a look.

In a more literary sense, Wikipedia has a nice definition of Conspiracy theory.

A conspiracy theory is an explanatory or speculative hypothesis suggesting that two or more persons or an organization have conspired to cause or to cover up, through secret planning and deliberate action, an event or situation typically regarded as illegal or harmful. Since the mid-1960s, the phrase has denoted explanations that invoke conspiracies without warrant, often producing hypotheses that contradict the prevailing understanding of historical events or simple facts.

I have a different explanation of my own. I answered a quora question about it.

To put it simply, its a theory grown out of a actual or not so actual event, that consists of a conspiracy to a non-existent or existent secret.

There are some conspiracy theory, that just boil my blood. Conspiracy theories are getting so stupid day by day, its kinda keep you cool when you face one. This article is more about those theories.

Let’s start with a story. A story about the biggest conspiracy theory in the history of mankind. I was having tea with a friend and a few of his colleagues. I was talking to my friend about New Horizon's photo of pluto, suddenly one of his colleague said, NASA is fooling people. It was so sudden and came out of nowhere, I was speechless for a moment. They when I said why, he spilled almost everything he knew about the biggest conspiracy theory of all time, Man on moon.

I knew more than enough to debunk his stupid logics, but I didn’t. I asked him to add me on facebook. I had ulterior motives. when I came back home, I sent him 356 links, containing thousands of arguments to prove why moon landing wasn’t faked.

My Reaction Exactly

And for those of you who thinks Stanley Kubrick made a fake moon landing scene for NASA, I have nothing but sympathy for you. That guy made 2001:A Space Odessy, show some respect.

Returning to our original concept of this article, Science VS Conspiracy Theory. I spent a good number of time on Quora, it's one of my favorite site for many reasons. There are a lot of question about conspiracy theories and I try to answer then when I can.

Occasionally I feel very sad. Someone is trying to prove Global Warming a Conspiracy theory or Reptilian Humanoids controls us all. Stupidity has its limit. Global Warming is a huge topic and if there is a debate over why it's happening, that is acceptable. But flushing down the whole thing in toilet and claiming it's a scientific conspiracy theory is just plain idiotic. Why? well, for starter, I live in a country that's going to be affected by global warming very soon. Bangladesh is going to have a huge impact of Global Warming and i am sitting here, writing about Conspiracy theory about global warming. This is a divine joke on the level of Dante.

Why i am so confident that global warming is a fact? well, there is a thing called science which gives us cold hard facts. Not speculation by some guy who doesn’t have the minimum qualification to judge if this is a global disaster or not.

This is where belief contradicts with science. People often forget, its not science’s job to tell you what to believe in. Science is all about theory, experiment and the facts comes after that. People try to define science with religion or personal belief. I don’t have the first clue why.

Nvidia made a video debunking how moon landing wasn’t faked.

And the first question someone asked me was, how can Nvidia tell? well because its science bitch. It took a multi-billion dollar company years of research and development on cutting-edge computer technology to make a close simulation of moon landing in 2014, 45 years later. If we had this technology back in 1969, The Matrix would never be considered as one the most visually stunning film of its time. All you need to do is use your big brain.

Let me tell you why science matter. Why should we choose science over personal belief. I met a guy, he was a physicist at a popular university in my country. He was working on something that could potentially change the power consumption of LED Bulb, drastically. Nobody funded his project, he went everywhere, local or international. He funded that project by selling a land he owned by inheritance. Sadly, a year after he started, he died in a road accident. And the reason behind the accident was, the area he was driving his bike was poorly lit at night, lack of road light. Why lack of road light? cause lighting a 150 KM long road takes a lot of power. If he had been successful in his work, this problem would have been solved and he would never had to die in the first place. Well, fate.

Scientist works to make your life easier. A lots of people ask over the internet, why should we fund space mission when we have so many problem here on earth? Because a lot of our daily life has been improved by space technology. Some of you might be reading this article using a mobile device. It has a camera, a digital one none the less. Well, FYI, good people from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory made the digital camera possible.

A lot of people around the world is still drinking contaminated water. But it have been reduced drastically, using water filtration and Purification. Well, a part of it came from NASA, out of necessity.

CAT Scan, we all know something about this technology. You doctors are asking you to get a CAT Scan to be sure of your health, you can thank NASA, cause those space nuts just helped you to get healthy. NASA contributed so much on civilian technology, you can’t even start to imagine.

But the Agency that put man on moon gonna get their budget cut every year a little by little. So that more money can be spent on killing people ( war ), drama ( politics ) and cats !

But that doesn’t matter really, you are gonna sit in front of your TV, watch some televangelist telling you how he can cure your Cancer if you send him some money or how can he make you a millionaire if you seed ( which is basically sending him/her money ). You gonna read article written by people who have nothing better to do, defaming science and making new and new conspiracy theory.

Speculation, false allegation, intentional misinterpretation is the father of conspiracy theory. People always have a desire of an adventure. It's more blood rushing to think there are alien in area 51 rather than it’s a top secret air force development base. They want a sense of danger, a hint of excitement. And that kinda gives birth to all conspiracy theory. We like to enjoy a good mystery. We tend to imagine the worst case scenario. And with the wide spread access to the internet, the new generation of “Alternative Journalist” can put anything they want to put up there. And while doing that, they tend to put the blame on science and scientist. Which makes me more and more angry.

Amen to That

These scientists are working their ass off, with very limited budget, limited equipment, so that they can save you. From dying of course. So when there is enough scientist backing a theory, it's a scientific theory supported by data and facts. It’s not a conspiracy theory.

And you gotta keep the basic principle of science in mind, Theory > Experiment > Facts. Not all scientific theory will be proven right or wrong for that matter. We have a better understanding of the universe than we had in 1960. But we still went outside our planet, to take a step towards new adventures, new horizon. A lots of theory have been proved wrong which was considered right at their time of inception. And its okey. Cause 100 years from now, a lots of things we know to be right may or may not be proven wrong. That’s how science works.

Now in the matter of Adventure, Take a look at a few scientific mystery. Why the universe is expanding? Why did Big Bang happen? Those are not exactly mystery, but they journey is adventurous enough for anyone. Or take a different direction. The computer or device is are reading this form, how does that work? what the heck is a processor anyway? I could suggest about extra-terrestrial life, but way to many conspiracy theory in that path.

Just explore any arena of science. They are way to many mystery or adventure to solve, you won’t have any time to think about bullshit conspiracy theory. And there is one more reason. Talking science may not be a good topic in front of a girl, but Conspiracy theory is way worse than that. You don’t stand a chance. Science may help you to make yourself looks like a smart guy, conspiracy theory will make you a guy who lives on his mother’s basement and eats fast food all day. And for girl conspiracy nuts, you have no idea how guys like a girl who has interest in science. I am not trying to be sexually objective here, but hey, we are the new generation.

Some of you may wonder, why such a serious article is full of so many memes? Cause these days people don’t read anything if there isn’t enough funny thing in there. So a little bit fun for everyone !

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