What Twitter looks like from Azerbaijan? #LoveTwitter

5 years ago, in march 2011, when I started to use Twitter it was very interesting, but strange place. Though I’m from Azerbaijan, I was reading tweets in english, sometimes in turkish. When I started to see azerbaijani tweets, I was very surprised and made “WOWW!” every time I saw it…

Now @orkhanrzayev has 4K+ followers, 65K+ tweets and some of my tweets get 100+ engagements, reach up to 10K users.

Now Twitter is unique social network and a part of the life for thousands of azerbaijanis. We share our thoughts, opinions, activities here. We share our happiness and also our sadness together.

A post about “Black January” tragedy

The blog Orkhanrza.com is the biggest source about Twitter in Azerbaijan. The posts as “5 things not to do on Twitter”, “20 marketing profile to follow”, “4 mistakes Azerbaijan brands make on Twitter” got popular in a short time.

The project #14sual (14 questions) which we started in october 2014 on Twitter, was one of the most popular social network project in Azerbaijan and connected many Twitter users, made them good friends.

Final meeting of the first season of the #14sual project

Some of our friends who got married met first time on Twitter. And some others got engaged already.

Twitter also was very important channel where people helped each other, collected money for sick people to help return their health, saved many lives.

Today (21 march) we celebrate Nowruz Holiday, that means “New Day”, “New Year” which takes new opportunities, new beginnigs to our life. I think Twitter, which was created in the day of Nowruz Holiday, brought new beginnings, new lifestyle to many of azerbaijanis’ life. We #LoveTwitter! Thanks, Jack, Biz, Ev! #Happy10! #LoveFromAzerbaijan!