A post about a smarter way to handle omnichannel

Introducing the Orkiv Inventory API

Finally, an amazing addition to the Orkiv Retail Technology suite. Now you’ll be able to maximize the potential of omnichannel for your stores! Draw in new customers from smarter, location relevant commerce. It’s a good time for this as retail only get’s harder and harder to succeed, with the degree needed to compete. Most existing solutions like Shopify or Magento, require either too much time and complication to make them work, or they limit you to the functionality which only scratches the surface of the customization needed for your particular case. When considering an upgrade, it should be forward looking and innovative in nature. With the new update of the Orkiv Inventory system and the introduction of the Inventory API, there’s not a whole lot you can’t do! Whether you’re trying to ship from store, offer to buy online pickup in store or classic warehouse eCommerce, it’s all easily accomplish able. Now you can integrate with nearly anything, on demand, and efficiently.
 Chances are if you really need to make something custom, integrated with in-house systems, or outside of the normal features of Orkiv, you’ll probably want to consider the API. It’s an incredible masterpiece built to be scalable, powerful and limitless in its omnichannel application. Whether you will be switching out inventory systems, POS system, or just starting out in eCommerce, it’ll be easy to make it happen. When making this product, as our third version of the Inventory platform, it was important we made it forward looking and powerful. After all, we wanted to build something that would keep up and charge ahead through 5–10 years, not simply for today’s environment. Because of this unique nature of the product, we promise you’ll be happy no matter how many stores you plan to operate. Better yet, we’ll be sure you have more success, higher sales, and happier customers when you choose to use Orkiv. 
Here’s what we knew it needed to include:

  • Integrates with everything- This is so important now, we dedicated a whole team to build it out. No matter what you’re sporting for POS, CMS, loyalty, or other, you can be sure Orkiv Inventory will play nice
  • Omnichannel from the start- Yep, you need the option to expand and sell through any channel necessary. Because of this, let customers buy online, pickup in store, or order nearby instantly while fulfilling that order from a local store. The possibilities are endless with pre-integration from Easypost to ship and track from over 30 shipping providers, and Twilio for order updates! You can be sure you’ll have the reliability and innovation to deliver via Uber, Drone or others when they’re here :-)
  • Simple yet powerful- User experience is something we’re always making better. We provide the power of an API for the engineers to customize everything while delivering a beautiful, efficient, and always updating web/mobile platform to edit/add to inventory.

Beyond this, you’ll find the simplicity of one-click updating of payment providers, shipping origins, price updates etc. with pre-integration from Proximo! It’s your best friend as a retailer and we’re excited to release it to the world.

No matter what you’re using for an omnichannel inventory system, you’ll be able to save money and drive more sales using a modern, automated, and intelligent software. Additionally, it’s a sales machine when you combine the native SEO capabilities, and the power of Proximo, to sell your products based on location in real time!

So, why not go ahead and give it a free trial now. Head over to orkiv.com/i/ to see what you can accomplish in 5 minutes, never mind when it’s working for you 24/7. Want to pass to your IT geniuses? Send them this Orkiv Inventory API link and see how happy they will be!

What about price? Yeah, no worries there, we’ve made it just $29/month for 2gb, which will easily handle 1000 products! So what are you waiting for, grab the most powerful and efficient omnichannel inventory system out there…

Please reply directly with any questions, or schedule a demo to try it out (ask about custom implementation services)!