How to Sell on any Social Network in 5 Minutes for FREE

A lot of people (and independent retailers) want to start selling online. They go so far as to look into a website, and figure our some suppliers, or make their product, and then…. Well, quite frankly most people quit here. I think there are a lot of people who should actually begin, but that unfortunately do not. Why does this happen? There are certainly lots of potential reasons, but a few at the top of the list are: lack of time, lack of money, lack of product, lack of motivation. This list could go on and on. But, if we take out lack of money, time, and motivation, all you need is a product. This product could be nearly anything, even something you could make yourself (see 42 craft project ideas that are easy to make and sell). The goal here is simply to use the social network of choice as your “storefront” and use the link provided within the inventory manger system. This is literally the easiest way to test out how well a potential or semi-existing product will sell online.

When we pictured selling online, it wasn’t simply pasting a link into a social networking site, at first. But the way the web has evolved it is now very plausible to sell right through the media platforms themselves. So, we thought about what we had done to deliver a comprehensive inventory system which could connect with any retailers inventory for multi channel sales, and know it would work just as easily for the hobbyist, local boutique, or pop up vendor. For this reason, we’ll show you how in literally a few seconds you can be selling products online, through nearly any platform, with this simple platform.

Part 1: Set It Up

First, what we’ll be using is the inventory platform by Orkiv, so if you haven’t already go ahead and get it free from Orkiv (just add the trial to your cart). From here you will be able to login and get setup with your account.

Go to and get the Free Trial

Alright, well on our way now. Third step, go ahead and login to the inventory console:

Once you get your account setup, we’re going to add your preferred payment method, handle shipping & tax, add a product to it, and begin selling. Believe us, this is not a huge process. Right off, let’s go ahead and get your products in the system and get your feet wet with it. Once you logged in, click on the “Items” tab where we’ll get some sort of item available to sell.

click on items

From here go ahead and enter the corresponding values such as price, quantity, description, sharing, pictures, and variations.

add item properties

You’ll notice already that you have a link for your item. You’ll also notice under shipping, that the dropdown is not full. be sure to save your item before moving on. Now we will add our shipping origin so we know how to price. This system uses EasyPost as the method for determining shipping costs. Go ahead and sign up for an account there, so we can add this into your inventory settings. Once you have a free new account, go ahead and grab the API keys like so:

Once you’ve navigated through this, you’ll want to copy your EasyPost “Production Secret API Key” and paste it into the inventory console under “Settings” → ”Origins”.

Click on the shipping origins

Now paste the private EasyPost API key into this new shipping origin within inventory:

Click save, and enter the information for your store location, so the system knows where you will ship from.

Now, if you didn’t do so already, go into the inventory item you made previously, and add the shipping information for the product, selecting your new shipping origin (business location).

select the new origin

Ok great, you’ve got an item, the shipping information, and now all you need is a way to get paid. You’ve got two choices; Stripe (easiest, 2.9% + $0.30/transaction), or BrainTree ($50k in no transaction fees). Go ahead and set up your preferred payment provider. Here’s instructions for Stripe:

Go to the settings tab:

Now hit on “API Keys” which will bring up your public and private API keys, that will be connected through the Orkiv inventory settings.

When you paste them in, and hit save, you are now all set to begin selling online.

Part 2: Sell

That wasn’t too bad, ay? Great! Now that you have the store, let’s get some revenue coming in. Remember that handy link on the inventory item you made? This can be used anywhere to sell that item just like magic! So go ahead and copy this link, and paste it into a Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or other network and sell the items you want.

You maybe also noticed the services tab. This is your place to sell something on a subscription (monthly) basis. It goes with the same guidelines of the regular items, as you will still get a link to the subscription service and can post this around any network or platform, including a website with a button to the link :-)

Happy Selling!