Kathmandu valley as a startup valley
Aerial view of Kathmandu city


With the increasing population of 10 million youth aged 16–40 yrs which is one-third of total population in Nepal, nearly 2 million youth lives in Kathmandu city(40% is below 30 years old)which is the oldest city in the world yet unexplored city with market full of opportunities for innovative startups.

The Startup Ecosystem in KTM city is still at early stage born few years ago supporting some local dynamic entrepreneurs and other tech startups. The emerging tech startups built by Nepali entrepreneurs are revolutionizing the way startup is done and inspiring others to do same. There are supportive community of entrepreneurs tackling the problems and lack of support and infrastructure from government, who are inspiring and welcoming the newcomers in the ecosystem trying to help them grow faster.

Cities are not born, they have to be built and effort must be driven by social entrepreneurs themselves. Here we stand the city’s next generation of change makers lifting the social entrepreneurship in the capital leading to nationwide movement for building and growing startups for better future and prosperity in Nepal.

We have seen quite a few revolutionizing startups in KTM valley but here are some hot startups to watch in 2017.

1.Smartpaani 2.Appsjhola 3.YellowNepal 4.nLocate.com 5.sastodeal.com 6.meroanswer 7.cloudfactory 8.merohostel 9.hamropatro 10.tootle 11.khalisisi.com 12.bhojdeals 13.hamrobazar.com 14.khalti app 15.11beep 16.craftdata labs 17.sherpana 18.Danfe creatives 19.vidinterest 20.Hoolaki.com and others…

This relatively young, nonstop city has become a breeding ground for countless successful businesses and a thriving startup ecosystem. Not only a startups and new business are growing but the innovation is leaping it’s baby steps in many enterprises and entrepreneurs are adopting new ideas and technology to solve the problems. As in many emerging markets, where economic growth and improved telecom infrastructure combine to create tons of opportunities, e-commerce is a hot topic in Nepal. Building a business is exciting but there is a lot to learn for all of us as there is very less chance of survival if anything goes wrong before a startup becomes a giant company. Beside startup opportunity what we currently need most is the jobs, empowerment, technology, money and mentors to thrive in this ecosystem. To make this KTM valley a Startup valley, here are some initiatives which we need to cultivate ecosystem and encourage innovation in KTM.

1.Cooperate and Collaborate

Collaboration divides the tasks and multiplies the success. collaborate to learn, to improve, to innovate, to be smart. collaboration can free you from trying hard because it just makes you smart.

2.Find important data and use them

You can’t make bricks without a clay and you can’t build house without a brick. data is as equal as clay.

3.Entrepreneurs Working with Business schools

Don’t only go to Business School, Bring Business School to you.

4.Connect fast with rest of the cities

There are city of stars, city of oceans and city of dreams, connect to which offers you the value.

5.Build Entrepreneurial culture in a workplace

A company’s culture is the foundation for the future innovation.An Entrepreneur’s job is to build the foundation.

6.Create Inspiring Meetups and Events

Meetups and Events Create space for ideas, market and best people.

7.Create Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdfunding is not only about collecting Money. It is about making the collective dream come true. coming together and doing together.

We don’t have the proper formula to create the next silicon valley or startup hub but what we have is the faith in the people and with the right framework we can build skilled workforce, innovation center , entrepreneurial culture , balanced markets, public investment and tech development. Despite of Mayor or Government support we can think beyond the politics to create a safer and healthier ecosystem for Startups and Investments. At some point in future we will start to see the positive results and huge impact along with our KTM valley as a Startup Valley.

By: Rajiv Bhusal