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I’ve never witnessed, experienced, or even heard a story of a woman yelling at another woman on the street about her appearance.

Likewise, as a straight woman, I personally feel much safer speaking with another straight woman about how I look or taking her comments as non-threatening because I know there isn’t a chance that she’s sexually interested in me. There’s a huge difference in someone speaking with you on a completely platonic and non-invasive way and someone using a conversation as a chance to size you up and let you know that the person you’re speaking to has thought of you and is thinking of you in a sexual way. Unwanted sexual attention of any kind is at the very least, extremely creepy.

From a societal viewpoint, our society places men above women, and allows men to make unwanted sexual advances towards women without serious societal scorn. So as a woman, any time a male friend even playfully makes a joke about my body or appearance towards me or my like-minded female friends, not only is it creepy/annoying/crass, but it also feels like the continuation of a societal norm that is oppressive. It makes me and women like me feel less and less hopeful about the state of our world and less safe around men in general. It’s as if to say, even some men who are close to me and who consider me their friends still feel that this disrespectful kind of talk is totally normal and ok. It’s deflating and heartbreaking.

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