I can’t decide what to write about

I’m conflicted, Medium. I’ve always been a bit scattered. I suffer, tremendously, from ‘shiny object syndrome’. I start and I stop and I start something else. Daily. My folders are filled with half-written stories, untouched photos and un-edited videos. I get ideas that grow legs, run along the tracks and eventually roll into a ball, that splits into little balls, and scatter across my brain, teasing other parts of my mind with other little ideas. You get the point.

I have, of course, completed many things in my life. Lots of stories and various projects from start to finish. But the last few months I have seen a huge spike in ideas but a serious lack in follow-through. It’s okay, but it’s frustrating. Sometimes I start elaborate eye-makeup and then wear ridiculously dull clothes. It’s not laziness (though I don’t doubt you for thinking it), it’s more of a brain struggle. I get too caught up in ‘the next thing’ and can’t stop thinking about it. Until the next thing, etc, etc. You hear me.

So I am looking for your help, oh ye who know my woe or are tickled by my nonsense. Here’s a list of my Medium drafts:

‘The Universe of Alcohol’

Dealing with a friend with Narcisstic Personality Disorder’

‘Substances and realities: My journey’

‘Dublin’s Zombi Apocolypse’

‘Gwen Stefani’

‘Pretend that you created the world of Harry Potter’

‘Saying goodbye to a friendship’

‘Being a big sister’

‘Sexting for beginners’

‘The Drunken Irish’

‘Anxiety: Stop self-bashing’

plus about 10 more that are very old that I barely remember what I was trying to say.

I guess if anyone is interested in reading any of these (and I know, a title is little to go by) please tell me and that’s my homework. I’ll have to it. You’re making me more productive. You’re great. Thanks.