Now my Dad’s turn

When Dad was in the hospital we knew it take a miracle from God and we prayed for Dad’s healing. Losing Mom was hard enough, but now losing Dad! God have mercy we pleaded! I remember the day my family and I decided we needed to tell Dad that Mom had passed away. I was elected to break the news being the oldest sibling. With my sister, brother, brother in law, sister in law, daughter in law and all Dad’s grandchildren around his bed. I did one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life. I had to tell my Dad that his wife of 53 years, his soulmate, his sweetheart, our Mom had died. My Dad took the news very hard and it was a heart wrenching thing to witness. To see my Dad cry, kick and punch the bed in anguish was so heartbreaking, until this day I cry my eyes out remembering it. I remember telling Dad, we need you Dad now more than ever, but deep down we knew he was dying and probably losing the will to live now that his soul mate was gone.

Well it has been about five weeks since Mom had passed on to Glory and now Dad’s health was getting worst. As I mentioned in a blog prior Dad was diagnosed with CJD (Creutzfel Jakob Disease) a disease of the brain that causes people to lose their memory, to no longer be able to control their muscles, and eventually die. It was hard to see my Dad go through this illness. Again I would question God, please have mercy, why is this happening? Why does Dad have to suffer this way? To be honest to watch Dad go through this illness cause a lot of anger amongst us and I guess we were just scared and we didn’t want our lives to be turned upside down thinking that in a matter of two months Mom and Dad would be gone.

My sister became Dads’s primary care taker. After we decided she would take care of Dad better than the health center he was in. So my sister took him out of that health center and took him to her house. The medical people tried to scare her and doing so, saying it’s going to be very hard for her, but my sister stood her ground and he was discharged into her care. I remember going to visit Dad at this health center one afternoon and getting very upset. My Dad was sitting at this stationary bike by himself, no physical therapist with him, no one paying attention to him. Until I came in and started getting loud asking why was my Dad sitting alone with no one attending to him, you should have seen how fast they jumped after I asked the question in a loud tone. My wife needed to calm me down and asked me to please not to lose control. I was scaring my wife with my anger.

Well as soon I let off some steam then the therapist started doing their job and I stayed and watched them. After his therapy I helped Dad get to his bed. I fought back tears the whole time I was with Dad, it was so hard to see a once active man, who went to the gym, played softball, ran into the waves when we would go to the beach, sang in the choir, take his daily walks, cook dinner, telling Pop jokes, to see him rapidly deteriorating was very hard for my family and me to see. My sister eventually had to do everything for Dad. With the help of my niece, nephew, brother in law, brother, sister in law and myself. Dad had to be fed, washed and dressed. With my sister taking on most of the work she kept strong and did a great job I admired my little sister for the love and patience she showed along with her family. To be honest I had a very hard time seeing Dad in his condition, but I tried to help as much as possible when strong enough emotionally, working the grave yard shift did not make it easy I prayed day and night for a miracle for Dad to be healed. In my next blog I want to share the last day Dad was with us and how my family dealt with it.

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