Asking changes everything!

Have you been in the situation where you don't know what to do but simply prefer to keep pushing on by yourself? I'm like that, I generally don't ask for help and or simply ask for much since I feel I can do pretty much anything by my own. This is a BIG mistake, and I'll tell you why:

Asking for help in this case can easily reduce the time you spend on something just by using someone else's experience. Yes doing things by yourself sometimes is the way to go, but most of the time it's not cause you can fuck up stuff you don't want to.

But there's other ways you can use the power of "asking" in your day to day life. For example: inviting that girl or guy whatever your into, to some party or even coffee! You just have to ask! Fear of rejection is stupid, why? Because out of 100 people 95 won't reject you in a mean way. Does it sting? Of course. Is it the end of the world? Absolutely not.

Asking is a powerful tool that everybody has at their disposal and yet we don't use it as often as we should. You could even use social media to ask about stuff.

Before you go head to toe and start asking about every little thing let's clear out something. You do not and I repeat DO NOT ask for validation. This is where you have to trust in yourself and just yourself.

I want you to think about this, just one answer to a good question can totally change your perspective on something you thought it couldn't be made. I want that to sink in. Asking for another perspective can totally change the game, it's another brain telling you the way it sees everything, maybe it's wrong or maybe it's right, but it definitely is another perspective!

I think it's more than obvious but don't believe in everything that people say to you, think and then execute, don't execute what people tell you like it was an order.

Im leaving you with this image from Gary Vaynerchuk that has 4 words that we’ll get deeper in future articles

Asking for that job opportunity, that date, that perspective of life, you name it! The opportunities are endless.

If you have any question I'll be glad to answer them! Much love!