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Start bringing value to the table or get left behind.

Orlando González
Jul 11, 2018 · 2 min read

We are living in a fast paced world with people ready to find others with a faster pace and fresher point of view.

So what are you doing to keep up? What are you doing to bring value?

The person that brings value into the conversation is the one that has the leverage of the situation.

Imagine that you pitch your services to a brand that doesn’t push enough content through their platforms, and you start to point out how you could help them create more content with the idea of getting more engagement to their brand.

Yes, they are the people with the money, but you are the one bringing value and the one with more general leverage even though you are selling them a service per say.

Try to do that every single time that you want to look for a job or anything that you want to do.

This same formula can be used in social media, you would be the account that is pushing out content and want to bring in more followers, so you start posting content that can benefit the audience that you are looking to get and from time to time you put in a system or a product that could help them. Again you are the one bringing value to the table and generating the leverage.

If you go right now and search for some fairly new brands, you will see that most of them don’t look to bring value to their followers/customers but instead try to sell them something in every single post, which doesn’t work.

So start working on bringing some good value and see how everything starts getting better and better :)

Oh yeah, don’t try to create content just for the likes either, make the content with the idea of getting others to understand your brand and want to go back! A well informed follower will generally turn into a customer! Yes, that means no clickbait articles or articles with no use.

Much love to every single one of you!

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