Venezuelan in an ever changing world

Hey! I’m Orlando, I’m from Venezuela and currently live in Argentina, I’ve had to travel a fair bit and move to different countries, I’m going to tell you how I went from a family guy that couldn’t be away from his family to a person that adapts in places with most of his family still in Venezuela.

From Venezuela to USA and back.

I will never forget my years living in USA and all that it helped me on the long run, I’ll always say this cause I believe there’s no better way of learning any language and culture than by being immersed in it, and that’s what happened, I was 5 and started kindergarten not knowing any English. It was so strange to my little mind to not be able to communicate, those were some 3 hard months of just listening and learning, having patience you may call it.

In my almost 4 years over there I learned so much about American culture and felt so blessed to have found so many incredible friends, then I had to go back to Venezuela with my family since there were problems in the business there. Since my growing years were in USA it was really hard to adjust again to another culture, I had a really tough time understanding everything again since people in Venezuela were so different to what I was seeing for 4 straight years.

Advance 7 years and I’m a fresh graduate and with some fear of what would happen to me. For all of those that don’t know, Venezuela is passing through one of his worst moments in history, unsure of what would happen my parents agreed to send me to Argentina

Venezuelan to Argentina!

Here is when it actually gets complicated, I’m currently living in Argentina and live with my godmother, I adapted quickly since I’ve been in different cultures and love doing it. I actually love the place! There’s so much to learn and explore here, it’s crazy! I started studying in a University some months after my arrival and saw how hard it can sometimes be. All my family is still in Venezuela and I love them but I think that it’s not bad to be away sometimes, it makes you more independent and more free! Not everybody likes this though.

If I could give a tip to anybody who doesn’t know if he or she should take the plunge and move to another country, I’d say that they shouldn’t overthink it and do what their gut tells them!

I will always be grateful of what I have become and what people have done for me. Don’t think that helping other people out is a bad thing! Do it as much as you feel you should!

And that’s basically and overview of my life! Maybe in the future I’ll dwell more and more in specific parts that really changed me!

Really love this quote! Started doing very recently!

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