A Bit About Bias

Image by Jack Moreh

Accepting your responsibility for reducing bias.

Bias in all its forms is not the devil outside you, it’s a universal reality of being human. Harshly judging your nature as imperfect is the crux of the issue. I’m too fat, stupid, ugly, and unworthy are some of the most common forms of self-resistance that exist as both internalized and therefore, externalized false judgments. Any thought you have about yourself is projected into the world as an assumption about other people. If you are unaware that thought is the creative medium of Reality then you are unconsciously supplying the world with toxic, false assumptions based on your experience of yourself as limited.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Making mistakes doesn’t make you unworthy, it makes you ignorant, which is a universal condition of being human. Ignorance, bias and their effects are the necessary catalysts for change we all need to evolve. Recognizing and accepting our part in this process is how bias in all its forms is undone.

Criticizing others suffering from the same limitation you suffer from is how bias remains entrenched.

Are you sexist, homophobic, racist, xenophobic, self-loathing, suspicious of those who are unlike you, upset with those that vote differently, or disapproving of anyone alive? To some degree we all are. If you understand this, you’ve identified your bias and begun to undo its power over you to remain confused. If your answer is no, you have more work to do to face the truth regarding your own limitations of self-perception.

How you view other people is a mirror image of your self-awareness.

In other words, our self-perception sets the parameters for what we are able to perceive about others and the world.

Perception deletes everything it fails to recognize.

If you believe you are imperfect then you will automatically project those limitations onto other people. Mistakes and imperfections are merely opportunities to grow by learning to love and accept yourself as you are. Learning to love yourself more and more could be thought of as your expanding consciousness of self-acceptance, because they’re the same thing. Thoughts are flawed, but people are perfect. Healing your thoughts of imperfection heals the world, by showing you the world was never the issue.

Self-love means you’re okay the way you are. Perfectly alright.

Reactions to the people you revile most will always mirror your unconscious thoughts about yourself, because perception is limited to experience. This is why wise people say, “relationships are a mirror.” A more loving world starts with being more loving. Start with you. When your work is done, help others.

A Shift in awareness is a shift in perspective.

Self-acceptance is the process the conscious world is courageously waking up to, which reveals the link between self-image and bias. Modern life has gifted us with the opportunity and resources to face ourselves honestly. The only sane response to our dissatisfaction with who we think we are is to embrace forgiveness as an essential function of positive change. Of course, forgiving others is also part of self-love. If love is the answer, then self-love is the way.

Are you still fast asleep in the nightmare, which insists that some people are worthy and others are to blame? In reality, this is the horror of your own resistance to experiencing yourself as worthy, lovable and complete.

You Loving You~

The work of self-acceptance is presented to each of us, with no exceptions. Your willing participation in recognizing your own limitations and forgiving them is all that will ever be asked of you. All of us have been entrusted with a portion of this pain to do with what we will. No problem remains entrenched for those that accept the world as continually recreating itself through the personal choices we make each day. Meeting your responsibility for being human by healing your self-image will mean you’ve left the world better than you found it. Unconditional love has no victims or villains. Without an object of disdain, bias fades.

As you heal yourself, you heal the world. There is no other way.