The Science of Satisfaction

The Secret Of Your Creative Success

The purpose of all spiritual discipline is to master the skill of matching your mental and emotional activity to the nature of your Source. The nature of your Source is intelligence, creation, transformation. There are many ways to describe natural cause, however, these terms serve this commentary best.

When behavior, which is determined by the quality of mental action + emotional feeling, is positive, peaceful and consistent no matter the condition, or the changing of conditions, the ability to create a specific result from wholesome intention is possible by directing that transformative energy into appropriate activity. When this creative process is sustained for whatever duration is necessary, intentions will demonstrate as they were conceived in mind.

For any ‘thing’ to appear in physical form, such as a desired experience or a material object, it must begin as a thought. Mental energy encased in a specific thought is actionable by the same Creative Intelligence that created everything in the physical world, including you. The subconscious mind, or field of impartial potentiality, accepts any mental impulse it receives and immediately acts upon that thought as a certainty. If the thought changes in mind the new thought replaces the old thought and the new thought is then acted upon as a certainty. If you, as the thinker, sustain a thought (idea, desire) and simultaneously infuse that thought with a strong affirmative feeling (conviction, faith, pure belief), the combination of thought energy and feeling energy channeled through appropriate action will cause those creative energy forces to form/manifest as that new experience or thing.

Mind+Heart+Action+Time~transforms all mental causation into physical creation. Humans are creative by nature and thrive only when they intend to create.

The formula for creating anything you want. Sustained specific thought (idea) + sustained affirmative feeling (with or without pure faith) + sustained right action (change) =’s a new thing with the characteristics of the original idea.


  1. Sustained means time. For a thought, as formless creative causation (mental energy), to effect physical reality and become a something, requires a duration of time to allow the formless to move from metaphysical to physical.
  2. Thought-Mental energy is thinking. Thinking is made up of individual thoughts. Thoughts are energy that have transformative power called causation, or cause. Specific sustained thinking directs mental energy to a physical effect, or an effect on the physical.
  3. Feeling-Feeling is physical perception, or body intelligence known as emotion. Emotional energy, or physical intelligence rises in the form of intuitive awareness and body sensations. Physical intelligence is creative energy that causes a specific effect on physical reality. (All forms of intelligence are creative energy.)
  4. Faith-Belief derived from the choice to experience all forms of Intelligence as creative. Faith means you expect the result of your thinking and feeling to always be supportive, and transformational. Faith, as a form of creative energy, becomes a transformational cause only when there is a complete absence of negatives, both mental and emotional. There is no such thing as partial faith that also possesses transformational power. Faith without 100% conviction is blind faith, or belief minus creative cause. Absolute positive thought energy, backed with absolute affirmative feeling energy =’s pure faith. Pure faith is the unlimited power of total positivity, creativity and transformation. Pure faith is what is known as the right use of mind (which includes feeling). The right use of mind means that faith is always the product of choosing to use mind and emotion rightly, or with pure conviction, understanding all forms of intelligence are exclusively creative and beneficial. Pure faith, or pure cause, means experience will always expand as a positive effect.
  5. Creative means transformation, or a change in form. Energy never dies; it merely changes form. Therefore, mental energy begins as a formless creative, or transformational energy source (cause) and is directed by sustained intention into form (effect).
  6. Action-The activity of change. Certainty of mind (thought) + body (feeling or faith) inspires movement. Transformation integrates the movement of energy from something to something else. For humans to manifest a creative intention they must also change. Humans change in relation to their attitude, or frequency of thoughts, feelings, choices and actions. Human transformation is commonly understood as the movement from ignorance to insight, or a shift in conscious awareness.
  7. Affirmative-Creative Intelligence is transformative, benevolent, impartial, and supportive. Attempting to use the Law of Creation against itself by intending to harm constricts transformational effect by redirecting the negative mental energy back upon its source. In other words, the quality of experience you reap is a precise reflection of the quality of energy you sow.
  8. Intention-The motive, or aim of a mental determination to act. Think of each thought as an arrow, and the mind its bow. Positive thought arrows are released into consciousness to germinate and grow within a larger system of intelligence that is also positive, as well as creative and supportive. That means positive thoughts are nourished by the affirmative nature of intelligence that grows everything, including the seed of your ideas. When negative intentions are ignorantly released into the same positive field of potential, or consciousness, they are cast back upon their source as dis-ease, because negative energy is not compatible with the nature of intelligence. Therefore, all positive thought intentions germinate, and all negative intentions perish (without a persistence of negativity to keep them viable).
  9. Cause-The source of an effect. Causal energy (thinking, feeling or faith, action) manifest as a specific effect formed from the quality of the source energy. This is the scientifically precise recreation of the metaphysical into a some-‘thing’ in the physical. Because the evolution of a thought to a thing is a function of intelligence the result may manifest as greater, better, or more refined than the original idea.
  10. Effect-The result, or consequence of causal energy. All experience is formed from conscious and unconscious causation. Therefore, the quality of your thought and feeling, both conscious and unconscious, combine to form the exact result of your experience. Inquiry into conscious and unconscious cause can uncover hidden and denied negatives that have degraded positive experience. Exposing unconscious ignorance undoes its power to impede a desired effect.
Thoughts that are unspecific or unsustained yield random results.
Sustained positive thought and feeling will cause action.
Gratitude and faith are pure mental states.

The only thing powerful enough to negate mind is mind. When experience is divided between negative and positive cause (doubt, fear v. idea, desire) the effects will manifest as a random mix of the two. A mental state more positive than negative will eventually demonstrate every sustained intention. Therefore, it is not necessary to be perfectly positive. 51% positive will do.

Every person uses creative law to create their life either consciously for a wholesome effect, or unconsciously to a diminishing effect.

Self-mastery, to a large degree relies on the knowledge and intentional right application of the karmic law of cause and effect.

Now use this process intentionally to have the life you’ve imagined. ~End~