Apple is dying — but there’s a way to save it
Tom Brammar

I have to congratulate you on this article. I have also been thinking of Apple as a company that seems to be stuck, letting its present get in the way of its future potential. That it has gone from innovator to replicator and from defining the future to just being part of it. Tim Cook, while doing a great job by general business standards, has been a disappointment by Apple standards. You’ve already detailed the reasons why and I do agree. What could they do to fix it? I wasn’t sure. While I thought that their venture into mobility with its own car and whatever they create to compete with Google Home and the Amazon Echo would be steps in the right direction. But then they scrapped the car division and are coming very late into the home assistant party.

Your idea of Elon Musk coming in is radical, some would say crazy. But that sounds exactly like what Steve Jobs and Apple were experts at. Radical and crazy ideas were created, developed and implemented into Apple products and services in such fashion that they became the norm without us noticing. Similar to what Musk has done (and continues to do) with self-driving electric cars and space rockets. Will they move in that direction? Doubtful. Should they? Yes. It would redefine what Apple as a company is and its place in the world we live in.

Great article.

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