So what happens to all those people whose products stay at the bottom of the daily @producthunt list?

That’s a good question, I was never able to tell how PH influences people whose products are not top hunts. If I were one of them I would be super sad, probably would think that I didn’t work hard enough. After a little mental pause I would try to make a new product and ensure it gets to the top! Because losing is not for winners.

I had started collecting all the “worst” products worth of ProductHunt in a list:

Sarcasm – I don’t particularly understand why some of those products aren’t top hunts. For example:

Surely Ellentube is worth something more than 14 Upvotes. Even I could get 14 friends to upvote me on Producthunt! Surely Ellen DeGeneres, the famous TV presenter, has more than 14 friends? I mean, Paul Jonas, the singer from that boy band, managed to get insanely at the top of the Apps on the Apple Appstore… with Yood! — Yo! for food — I am sure he’s not as influential as Ellen. Yup, it’s insane how skewed opinions are. Some people upvote tuff that is pretty junky.

I like to believe the products builders whose products are posted and never make it at the top of ProductHunt don’t get demotivated — ProductHunt isn’t all in life, although it certainly tells you a lot about who your friends are and who’s got your back

I am not a ProductHunt prophet.

My conclusion on this short post is that you really really need to work hard on your launch. Just like the Madmen taught us from watching their TV show is that to make it big in the marketing and advertising world is that you have to pay attention to details, work your hardest to reap the benefits and be as social as possible, good connections will get you far!

I’ll leave you with two good reads that will teach you how to launch you product effectively on ProductHunt. Although they’re not free, they’re super cheap

Justin’s Manual @

Kiki’s Manual @

Btw, I don’t make any profit from advertising their work ^

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