Finding A Cancer Cure With Monatomic Gold

Scientific research has shown that cancer patients taking monatomic gold have experienced progress in their condition. Before industrial revolution, cancer cases were not so common. Many effective protocols for cancer treatment were created before 1950’s, but these treatments were repressed by the mainstream medical organization at the request of the pharmaceutical corporations.

A mineral supplement extracted from gold, known as monatomic gold has been used by the ancient cultures as a help in the spiritual ascension. Modern scientific studies show that people using monatomic gold experience an immediate improvement in brain coordination, leading to stress free lifestyle.

Monoatomic Gold

It’s also been seen that monatomic gold maintains the DNA. It’s the DNA that actually tells the cells what to do, when to do and how to divide, whether to be unhealthy or healthy. Exposure to environmental pollutants like petro-chemicals can harm the DNA, leading to deadly diseases cancer. Certain supplements are helpful in the detoxification of these unnatural chemicals.

Would you be amazed to know that many pharmaceutical drugs are manufactured from petroleum? What connection do you think is there between the pharmaceutical industry and the petroleum industry?

Before the prohibition period, Henry Ford manufactured auto mobiles intended to run on pure ethanol. John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil fame used his influence to implement the ban of the sale of alcohol, not to stop individuals from drinking, but to stop the fuel competition from the Ford’s ethanol production.

Ford owned ethanol- dedicated filling stations that were garnering some 28% of the fuel sales in USA. Then came the prohibition period. Ethanol is a clean-burning fuel that produces no toxic emissions. Petroleum refinement and petroleum based fuels to make gasoline and diesel fuel produces cancer causing toxic by-products. Some of these by-products are used to manufacture cancer drugs and other pharmaceutical medicines.

It’s time we grow up and start thinking for ourselves. My experience taking monatomic gold is really great. My dreams are brighter, and I experience a greater sense of relaxation. You know those “Aha!” moments?

So, how might having access to a greater mental capacity effect your ability to handle health challenges? Do you believe you might be able to better coordinate it for yourself, rather than just dimly following the counsel of some oncologist? To life!

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