Comparing Exchanges Where You Can Buy ORME

Are you wondering where you can buy Ormeus (ORME) coins, and would like to know more about of some of the top exchanges where you can get your hands on this exciting cryptocurrency?

Read on for a comparison of the best exchanges to find ORME.

Since its inception in late 2017, ORME has steadily been adding exchanges under its belt, where you can buy and exchange this coin. In 2018 the additions continued with new announcements of additional exchanges that now offer ORME. This includes a top 10 exchange (by trading volume) which was a very exciting addition for ORME this year. This exchange is Bibox, which is currently ranked number 8 by trading volume.

There are many factors to consider when looking for an exchange to buy cryptocurrency. These include:

  • Reputation of exchange;
  • Trading volume (usually the higher, the better);
  • Trading & withdraw fees;
  • Security

The below table shows the top 7 exchanges (by adjusted volume at the time of writing) and compares the withdrawal and trading fees of each.

As you can see from the above, ORME is available from three top 15 exchanges. For a relatively new and unknown cryptocurrency, this is no small achievement. This is only the start for ORME too!

TWP-EX exchange is another exciting addition for ORME with users of the Ormeus Wallet recently being asked transfer their coins into this more secure and robust exchange.* Volume is currently low, but as more users start to hold and trade their coins on this exchange, expect this to grow. It also benefits from low withdrawal and trading fees. (*Ormeus Wallet users are encouraged to transfer to TWP-EX but can request asset transfers to any ethereum wallet via the Ormeus Support contact.)

The table also shows the available trading pairs of these top volume exchanges. BTC pairs will always be the most popular, with BTC being the market dominating cryptocurrency. However, you can also find exchanges trading other pairs such as ETH, DOGE, LTC & USDT to name a few.

As always, do your own research so that you can find an appropriate exchange that fits your requirements. The above is a guide to assist you in finding places to buy your ORME and become a part of this young, but promising cryptocurrency.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive guide of exchanges offering ORME, just the top 7 by volume at the time of writing. For additional exchanges, see where to buy on the ORME site and also Coin Market Cap for up to date market data.

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