zero tolerance
Kelly Ellis

The author needs to hold up that mirror to herself.

Perhaps the applicant was a typical geek, and really never grew up in a household full of women. Maybe he was pleasantly surprised by the (new to him) expressed intelligence and knowledge of a woman in his hoped-for new environment.

The author might consider the wide range of social failings she exhibits here: her presumption that someone has evil intent, based on her emotional reaction and obvious need to “ding” someone in their job interview for failing one of the endless checklist of politically correct responses.

Following the hints in the story, I suspect Google is going to become more and more PC, and less and less capable of out-of-the-box thinking.

Women in control of a working environment seem to do this, in my extensive experience. Its no improvement from when men do it.

So sue me. Seven decades of experience still tells me what I have observed, through the Sixties and all its backlashes.

I vote for paying very little attention to the man-hate here.

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