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Art Galleries and Museums: Losing Out on Key Data and Insights from Their Community

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Art galleries and museums are taking strides to provide the best experience possible for their guests, but they’re overlooking one crucial aspect that could lead to even better engagement and offer new opportunities to drive key business metrics. With benevolent data acquisition platforms like Momento, brands can reward their guests to visit and share their experiences, providing them with richer insights into their community that can be used for everything from promotional planning to brand development and beyond. Here’s how art galleries and museums can take advantage of these new tools with guest rewards that engage, inform and delight.

The Problem: Art Galleries and Museums are Losing Out on Key Data and Insights from Their Community

Museums, galleries, and other art institutions are missing out on key data about their patrons. They are also missing out on the opportunity to better understand the needs of their communities. With Momento’s Incentivised Marketing Platform (IMP), museums can provide an engaging experience that rewards guests for visiting and sharing their experience with a museum.

Momento’s Incentivised Marketing Platform (IMP) is a SaaS solution that allows visitors to browse, view, or share content while engaging with Momento’s patented Data Mining Technology (DMT). This data will allow museums to create a fuller picture of their guests, understand their communities better, and act accordingly.

The Solution: Use a Benevolent Data Acquisition Platform Called Momento.

Momento has created a data acquisition platform that provides art galleries and museums with insights into their community to help them better serve their guests. Momento’s incentivised marketing system rewards users for visiting or sharing the gallery or museum’s content online, which can be used by galleries to reward their visitors for watching a video about an artist, for example. It also collects data on the user which can be used to market future events at the venue. Data is key in today’s society where it is essential that we understand our communities better so that we can provide them with what they want.

Art galleries and museums are failing to collect data about their community. They lack an understanding of who visits, where they come from, how they found out about the venue in particular, what demographics these groups fall into (gender, age group), and other key information that could be used to better market future events. People find out about venues through word of mouth, art fairs like Art Basel or Frieze, or just simply by accident while traveling in their city. (A fun fact) Surveys suggest that most tourists are most likely to visit galleries on their last day as thats when they are thinking about home. Awwww! 🥺

How it Works: Rewards Guests for Visiting and Sharing Their Experience

Momento is an incentivised marketing platform that rewards guests with rewards or the chance to generate a digital asset in the moment for visiting an art gallery or museum. They can then earn more rewards by sharing their experience through social media or writing a blog post. In addition, museums will randomly generate winners to reward the most loyal visitors and provide exclusive events. These are just some of the ways Momento plans to give back to their collector community.

The Benefits: Increased Foot Traffic and Engagement, Better Insights into What Guests Want, and More

Some of the benefits of using a data capture platform like Momento are increased foot traffic and engagement, better insights into what guests want, and more. Incentivised marketing is effective because it provides a reward for the desired action — in this case, visiting an art gallery or museum. This kind of marketing can also be referred to as benevolent data acquisition.

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