If you do find a designation for chronic procrastinator, or better yet, an entry in the DSM for it…
Sean Howard

I don’t know about you Sean, but I have had a sudden flash of inspiration. Imagine this: The Chronic Procrastinator Collective - a hive for like-minded people who have exhausted all the productivity hacks in the world and now only want to hack their productivity. Our motto: ‘Thank you David Allen, but we only Get Things Done at the last minute and we’re fine with that’. We hold yearly meetings that actually take place every two years because we need an extra year to allow for procrastination; we have t-shirts, tote bags, pens, mugs and to-do lists pads with ‘I AM A CHRONIC PROCRASTINATOR’ boldly printed across them (we even made it to Instagram front page). We have bumper stickers and I don’t even drive.

Brilliant, right? They don’t call me Super Proc Girl for nothing ;) (That being said, I hadn’t thought of a velcro patch to place over the ‘c’ - that right there is pure genius)

Thank you so much! It’s really encouraging to know that my writing is being not only read, but also liked.

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