Ossoff is not an example of “the good.”
Yvonne C. Claes

A couple of brief points, then I’ll leave it alone. First of all, you know nothing about my standards. It’s really tempting to take personal shots, isn’t it? Stick to the argument. Ad hominem attacks are a waste of everybody’s time. Second (I thought this was obvious) I was offering a comparative critique, not a absolutist one. Ossoff is the preferable candidate in the race, period. He moves the house, if not in the right direction, then at least away from it’s current Tea Party/Fascist leanings. If you don’t agree with even this simple and really quite obvious point, then there’s no point in discussing this further. Celebrating his loss is the equivalent of approving of the result. For a progressive, this is complete nonsense. Anyway, I enjoyed your piece. Keep writing.

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