The War on Women

It’s Real, It’s Obvious, and It’s Horrifying

For at least the past decade, we have watched the GOP move to restrict reproductive and abortion rights, defund Planned Parenthood, attempt to eliminate women from serving in combat, restrict preventative care and screening services, block access to contraception, vote against equal pay for women, eliminate Head Start funding, and cut federal funding for childcare programs. In New Hampshire, they went so far as to far as to propose a bill banning women from having exposed nipples in public, and thousands of bills have been introduced in legislatures around the country that are designed to restrict a woman’s right to choose. This preposterous agenda has quite rightly been christened The War on Women. Unsurprisingly, Republicans have taken exception to the moniker, even as they embrace it legislatively.

Now the GOP has elected a standard-bearer who rather puts the period at the end of the sentence. Donald Trump has suggested that abortion should be outlawed, that women should be punished, and that females whom he finds wanting are “pigs,” “dogs,” “slobs,” and “disgusting animals.” He brags about sexual assault, he has been repeatedly and again just recently accused of precisely that, and he is now facing a lawsuit alleging the rape of a thirteen-year-old girl. One notes a pattern. The Donald seems to believe that the electorate actually cares about length of his fingers. MGM purports to have unedited tapes of Trump’s show The Apprentice in which he is reputed to deliver remarks far more abusive and damning than the NBC tapes revealed by The Washington Post. This surprises no one on planet Earth, and we can be certain that the litany of sexual transgressions is only beginning, as a lifetime of egocentric misogyny is finally coming home to roost.

Mike Pence is cut from similar, if tamer, cloth. He has attempted to narrow the provisions of the Hyde amendment to “forced rape.” He blames “stunted growth” in children on working mothers, and believes that putting mothers to work is a “very dangerous thing.” He has attempted to legally mandate funerals for fetuses. He is responsible for inventing the idea of defunding Planned Parenthood. And he is the leading advocate in the Republican party for eliminating abortion entirely.

We’re way beyond conjecture and political posturing at this point, people. The GOP’s War On Women is a fact. If you’re a woman, and you support Donald Trump, you really need to have your head examined. If you’re a man and you support him, then at the very least you are guilty by association. If you are instead offended by all of this, but still support him, then misogyny is by definition less important to you than other more important things that have somehow burrowed in through your attention deficit disorder, and you would do well to get some counseling.

Our women and our children are our future and our hope. They are the very best of us. And yet one of our political parties has made it perfectly, absolutely, unequivocally clear that they feel differently — that women are, and should be, subordinate, and that a man-child misogynist moron and a holier-than-thou homunculus are just the folks to help keep ’em barefoot and pregnant.

It is to weep. It is, frankly, to hurl. The preferred response to this idiocy, however — the ideal response — is simple, straightforward, and eminently achievable. Let’s put a woman in the White House.

- B.