How To Save the World

She smiled at me with missing teeth and dry lips. I bought a box of cookies and I was excited to take it back to my family. But I gave it to her instead. It was December and the cold wind brought tears to her eyes.

It amazed me how her smile was so bright despite the pain in her eyes. Addiction and starvation was taking a toll on her.

I was walking home from work when I saw her next to a closed Macy’s with a blanket and trash bags with her belongings.

After that day, I decided to cook for the homeless on Christmas Day. I made Chicken Fried Rice with vegetables and put them inside Styrofoam containers.

I felt a stranger feeling of powerlessness when I walked around Chicago looking for homeless. Crowds of people walking around with shopping bags, ignoring the homeless.

One homeless man said to me, “Thank you, this is better than money.”

Many people have fallen into the trap of thinking money is the goal. From experience, I know that money doesn’t solve all your problems. It only solves your money problems.

That is why famous singer Whitney Houston, with all of her money, died from addiction in her bathtub. And then so did her daughter.

Best selling author, James Altucher, says, “Money enhances all of your bad qualities. Good and bad.”

So we have to know first learn how to take care of ourselves from the inside.

Yes, money is important. But money is only a symptom. A symptom of what happens when we remain spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy.

If I helped even one person have a better tomorrow, then my job was done.

Many people say, “How can we help all the homeless?”

The answer is, you don’t. Help one person if you can. And the kindness will ripple across the universe.

I wrote this, and maybe it helped you. I hope it touched you. But most importantly, I hope you do something with it.

That to me, is worth more than money

Originally published at on July 14, 2015.