Let’s move away from this era of cookie-cutter, minimalist apps and websites that feel soulless and devoid of personality. Let’s adopt new mantras that will help us create functional and beautiful experiences. We need to understand that what makes us unique as human beings is not that we can perform tasks, but that we can act with intention and meaning.
The State of Product Design in 2017
Caley Ostrander

Well said — love the distinction you make between users as task monkeys vs. users as beings with intent.

As Product Management has begin to overlap with traditional UX territory, it’s becoming easier to fall into the trap of focusing on product features as opposed to actual user needs.

Personally, I’ve found it’s much more difficult to get accurate insight into the latter.

As a Product Designer, I feel responsible for the marriage of business-driven features and user-focused design improvements.

Going forward, I will begin using the concept of intent as a lens when attempting to balance the two. Thanks for the great read!

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