Enterprise Software Design: A Call to Arms
Tom Hobbs

Well said, Mr. Hobbs — very much enjoyed reading your post. As a fairly new hire at a recently funded SaaS start-up, it’s been quite eye-opening to fully experience the difference between designing consumer-based apps vs. the mobile component of B2B enterprise-grade software.

Based off the last 4 months, I’d say you’re spot on and this is a truly a wonderful frontier for Product Designers. It almost becomes impossible to see where the User Experience and User Interface separate because there’s such a high amount of iteration as a result of continuous user testing.

That’s been the biggest benefit — having a core group of committed users that want to provide feedback early on in the design process. Feedback that’s relevant not just to interface preferences but rather the ability of the product to actually help them run their business better.

I think you’ve inspired me to start posting about some of the things I’ve learned on the UX/UI front. Fascinating challenges for certain. Thanks again!