Six lessons we learned to drive meaningful change as a team

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Although working at a well-funded unicorn start-up comes with rapid career growth and access to amazing resources, it also comes with a litany of unique challenges that have required continuous iteration in how we approach product design. Here’s a window into our world to share some of the approaches that have helped grow the value of design at ServiceTitan.

There’s a magical aspect to the first 3–6 months in most new design jobs. The challenges are fresh, the excitement high and your perspective as a designer is completely free from any existing internal company challenges. …

In the beginning, early storytellers used stones to carve sequences onto cavern walls — seems somewhat natural that designers evolved to sketching user flows on whiteboards.

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At one point in time, those dry erase moments of genius would enter the hamster wheel, cycling from hand drawn paper prototypes and Balsamiq wires to low-fidelity B&W mocks that would eventually be painted by the visual designer.

Then Sketch came along *vector angels singing*, suddenly the UI phase started to enter the conversation earlier and earlier — prompting multiple fidelity vs. timeline quadrant charts, ad nauseam.

Rob Simon

B2B2C enterprise SaaS design leader

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