Orocrypt — Digitized precious metals on the Ethereum blockchain

This offering is not available to US persons.

The first product Orocrypt is planning to launch in the third quarter of 2017 will be a digitized Gold token (ORO.G), where each token will represent the ownership of 30 grams of LBMA-quality gold. The real physical bullion of gold will be stored in several secure vaults around the world with locations in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Hong Kong and the Cayman Islands — such wide geography aims to minimize risks by focusing on decentralization. Meanwhile, Orocrypt has incorporated as a Panamanian-based company in full compliance with all local regulations concerning precious metals as established by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Revenue of the company will be generated by charging a 1% commission fee over gold spot price on all sales of one token or more and a .04 % fee when they are transferred between wallets. Fees for less than one Token will be: 5% for purchases between 0.9 and ½ token and 10% for purchases between ½ and 0.1 Token.

Orocrypt is launching their Share Token Sale on
 June 14, 2017–6 AM PDT

During the share token sale, Orocrypt will be selling OROC tokens, each representing one share of the company, at a price of 9 EUR per token. The share token sale will close after 31 calendar days from launching date or earlier if 500 000 share-tokens have been sold. Each investor will receive their tokens at the rate of exchange, available in the market when the funds are received.

OROC tokens, like any company common shares, entitle holders to dividends, rights to vote, and rights to payout in case of acquisition or sale. Throughout the share token sale, Orocrypt will sell tokens that represent Class A shares. These make 45% of the total issued Company shares. Class B shares, 24% of the issued shares, are owned by the founders. The rest 31% are allocated to treasury, rewards, payments for services, and employees participation. Both classes of shares have identical economic benefits. The only difference between them is that the owners of Class A shares are entitled to one vote per share while the owners of Class B shares are entitled to ten votes per share.

Orocrypt for Investors

Orocrypt offers discounts for early investors as well as for large ones. If you invest during the first week, you receive a 5% discount per token. Later, the discount goes down to 2%, so act fast to get in on the early low prices. The two largest investors in the sale (who purchase a minimum of 56,000 tokens) will have the right to a nomination to the Board of Directors of Orocrypt.


OROC will be secured by the Ethereum blockchain and compatible with all Ethereum wallets. As ERC20 tokens, they will be transferable and tradable on digital exchanges. They can be bought or sold instantly and seamlessly.


Orocrypt is offering investors the opportunity to own part of the company, with all the rights and privileges of shareholders. Investors will participate directly in the success, or failure, of the business. OROC tokens will exist for as long as the Company exists.

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