CNN vs Fox News Reporting Donald Trump comparing Carson a child molester.

By Olivia Rodriguez and Caroline Trefelner

The first video we watched was on CNN. The headline of the video was “Ben Carson aide on Donald Trump: ‘it’s so sad watching and listening to him.’” This video explained that Trump is bringing up things that are not valid anymore. Carson is clear that everyone’s past is brought up durring elections and it’s just a part of the process. It’s sad how he has to dig up dirt from Carson’s past just to try to get ahead. Carson believes this is not surprising and that Trump is being immature. He feels sorry on how pathetic trump is.

Overall, this video did not have anything positive to say about Donald Trump and was to the defense of Carson. This is not surprising because CNN is typical known as a more liberal news source.

The next video we watched was on Fox News. Again this video was reporting on Trump comparing Carson to a child molester. The headline of this video was “Trump compares Carson to child molester, faces backlash.” This article showed Trump in a more positive light. They even interviewed one of trumps campaign advisers during the segment. The questions she was asked were not very challenging and she was able to defend Trumps actions. One of her main points was Trump only goes after people who go after him first.

Overall, this time video was defending Trump. Fox news is known for having Trumps back on a number of topics so this is expected.